About Latvia Realty Fund, LP

Founded in 1997, Latvia Realty Fund, L.P. ('LRF') is a New York - based investment fund focused on real estate. The Fund is also registered in Latvia.

LRF has three projects in Riga:

  • Vīlandes Nams, a six-floor 1910 Jugendstil building at the corner of Vīlandes iela and Vidus iela designed by renowned architect Konstantins Pēkšens;
  • Tērbatas Nams, a six-floor 1910 Jugendstil building between Ģertrūdes iela and Lāčplēša iela; and
  • Strēlnieku 7, a parking lot at the foot of Alberta street. The property is already sold.

LRF is also interested to buy real estate in Rīga. Please contact us and we shall be pleased to provide you with a candid, trustworthy response.