Latvia Realty Fund, LP - What makes us different

Founded in 1997, Latvia Realty Fund, LP (the 'Fund') is a US-based investment fund focused on real estate.

The Fund offers unmatched experience covering the full spectrum of real estate investment, allowing the Fund to add value throughout the investment process while intelligently managing the inherent risks of investing in a transition economy.

Such experience includes the following:

  • Purchasing well-located real estate with strategic foresight
  • Relocating nearly one hundred Soviet-era commercial and residential tenants through a combination of buyouts and court evictions
  • Fully renovating century-old art nouveau landmarks to modern standards
  • Renting and selling commercial and residential space
  • Financing the above activities with various local banks
  • Returning profits to investors with minimal operating costs, and
  • Sophisticated legal and tax planning, both in the United States and in Latvia, with annual audits by Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young to back it all up.

The Fund’s investment thesis was that Latvia’s economy would converge with those of the West. That thesis has been essentially proven by the following strategic milestones:

  • NATO admission in March 2004
  • European Union admission in May 2004
  • A rare triple upgrade of long-term government debt by Moody’s on November 12, 2002, from Baa2 to A2, citing that 'the process of economic and financial integration of [Latvia] with the European Union is virtually irreversible.' The A2 rating put Latvia on a par with Japan, Kuwait and Israel.

The Fund is a Delaware limited partnership and is available only to 'accredited investors' as defined by the regulations of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The information contained in this website is not an offer to sell or deal in securities.