Vīlandes iela 16

Latvia Realty Fund, LP, a New York-based investment fund, proudly offers apartments, office and retail space ranging from 45 to 200 m2. The base building, façade, and common areas are completely renovated, and the interior is ready for the individual design of each new owner.

General base building inclusions and amenities:

  • Full renovation of the original 1910 Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) fasade and common areas
  • New double-glazed wooden windows
  • New roof with insulation
  • Central guard station, main security panel and 24-hour TV surveillance
  • New Schindler “Smart” elevators
  • Floor beams strengthened or replaced

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) fit out:

  • New electrical supply with each apartment individually metered
  • New exhaust piping for kitchen & WC ventilation
  • All new heating, water and plumbing pipes
  • New gas boiler heating and hot water
  • New triple sediment water filtration system
  • New copper water pipes and water meters installed
  • New video intercom and electronic locks on main entrance doors
  • Air conditioning in commercial premises
  • Intake-Exhaust ventilation in apartments
  • Cable for Baltcom Cable TV
  • 2 telephone cables per premises

Legal Structure:

  • Your rights as owner are registered in the Land Book


  • Latvia Realty Fund – Developer
  • SIA Merks – Construction Management & General Contractor
  • SIA A.I.G. – Architects

'There is only one Vilandes Nams – as unique as you are'